Understanding Drains and Your Home’s HVAC System

Plumbing systems in a home are a major modern innovation. They keep our neighborhoods clean, help us dispose of waste, keep our home's interior dry, and even supply hot and cold water on demand. Keeping a home's plumbing system properly maintained can go a long way toward averting leaks and destructive spills. Understanding how your [...]

How to Avoid an Air Conditioning Breakdown Headache

When the Houston area weather forecasters are calling for *another* heat wave, we know it's going to be a very long day of frantic phone calls, text messages, and social media posts from customers desperate for a quick repair. Sometimes the diagnosis and repair is quick, and sometimes it is more involved. But invariably, HVAC [...]

What to Look for in an HVAC Quote

When it is time to get a new HVAC system, it is best to ask for an estimate or quote from a contractor to give you an idea of how much it will cost to replace your system. Be sure to ask about specials or rebates that might help offset the cost, but know that [...]

When DIY Air Conditioning Repairs Get Out of Hand

As licensed air conditioning and heating contractors, we have truly seen the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to repairs or installations that are unsafe, unadvisable, and just didn't work.  In fact, there's entire blogs (here and here) devoted to sharing eye-popping images of these "extra points for creativity" jobs that a [...]

What To Know About Handling an HVAC Warranty Repair

This time of year, we often get questions about air conditioner or heater repairs that need to be made in relatively new homes or homes that are new to you. The home owners want to know how to take advantage of a warranty on relatively new equipment. There are several things to know about equipment [...]

What to Know About Recycling Your HVAC Unit

One of your home's most important systems is the indoor comfort system, especially in the summer. Houston is located on the coastal plains which means the climate is very humid and hot, which takes a toll on air conditioning equipment. In honor of Earth Day held each April 22, here's what what you need to [...]

When a Bigger Air Conditioner Is Not What You Need

You know how the old saying goes: "If it's bigger, it must be better" and "Everything's bigger in Texas!" While some of us might have an affinity for super-size fries, bigger is definitely not always better when it comes to buying an air conditioning unit. Consider this contestant's spouse who was featured on the documentary [...]

How to Make HVAC Service Calls a Complete Success

When your air conditioner or heater needs service or maintenance, it’s time to place a call to your favorite air conditioning and heating technician. If there is a repair involved, there will be time to diagnose what is going on before you’re presented an estimate of what may be needed for an effective repair. Here’s [...]

What to Know if You Have a Home Warranty & An HVAC Problem

Home warranties have something of a mixed reputation. They are often included when homes are bought and sold to give a new homeowner confidence that they are "covered" in the event off a breakdown. Sometimes people purchase them to give what they think will save them money down the road. They can save a homeowner [...]

When You Might Need a Second Opinion on HVAC Repairs & Installation

When your air conditioner breaks down or it is time to replace it, a quick call to a reputable HVAC company is often the answer. Sometimes, however, ordering an extensive repair or an installation leads to more questions than answers. Maybe the unit is cooling well in the main areas, leaving one room exceptionally hot. Or, [...]